Leadership Academy

Opportunities to continue your growth and development are offered throughout your career. For close to a decade, the firm has made a significant investment in K·Coe Isom’s Leadership Academy—developing the curriculum, covering hard costs, and taking 20 principals and managers out of the office—helping to ensure that those leading teams, client projects, and firm development efforts are continually enhancing their skills.

Principals and managers may apply to Leadership Academy, a custom-designed program that focuses on individual, client, and firm leadership. Interactive exercises lead participants to expand their thinking and their leadership style. We secure top-notch speakers and thought leaders, both in-house experts and professionals outside the accounting industry, to share their insights with each Leadership Academy class. Participants are challenged by the firm to advance a strategic business initiative (SBI), allowing them to practice the learnings in a real-world setting. At the end of the program, they present their solutions to firm leadership for implementation.

Leadership Academy sessions are held throughout the US over two-days, eight times within 15 months. The quality of the program makes it incredibly powerful, providing self-reflection, building deep relationships with colleagues, and equipping emerging leaders with skills for the next phase of their career. There is truly no better way to adopt leadership lessons than through the Leadership Academy.