Your Career

We do whatever we can to keep your career progressing according to your plans. Each associate, senior associate, and new employee works with a professional talent advisor, who facilitates skills development and coaching on career goals. You get training tailored to your position. Our unique Leadership Academy focuses on supervisory and leadership skills for experienced professionals.

Career Path

As a success-friendly firm, we offer several different paths on the road to success. The typical path includes:

  • Associates, generally entry-level accountants and consultants, develop their technical and soft skills.
  • Senior associates possess three or more years of experience in public accounting and manage more complex projects, coaching other team members.
  • Managers demonstrate substantial technical abilities, client management skills, and supervisory experience, whether managing project and/or people.
  • Principals have the ultimate responsibility for identifying business opportunities, developing client solutions, and fostering the well-being of the staff, clients, and firm.
  • Advancement opportunities are available to non-accounting professionals based on your responsibilities, performance, and contribution.


Every good leadership book says play to your strengths. What kind of tasks do you love to do? What would make you really excited to come to work every day? Here at K·Coe Isom, we think it’s important to identify natural strengths and passions, so we can help you find opportunities to focus and apply them the majority of your work time. That doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily love 100% of the job elements. But, we believe that when you’re using your talents, you’ll be more productive and feel more fulfilled. You’ll be happy. And happy people means happy clients, which means a happy firm.


If you’re an accountant, you get time off to travel to and sit for the CPA exam as well as mileage reimbursement. We also provide bonuses for those who pass the exam within a specific timeframe.

Given the depth of non-accounting professionals on staff, we also support a number of additional credentials, ranging from facilitation to human resources. See the vast array of unique certifications within our firm.