Your First Year


CPAs can expect a minimum of 25-30% travel, depending on the practice area in which you work. Typically overnight travel happens during the work week so that staff can be home on the weekends. Whether traveling to a client’s place of business or to one of our offices, trips are scheduled in advance so that you can plan accordingly.


All new employees receive orientation training covering software, firm expectations, and policies and procedures.

The firm’s investment in lifelong learning includes training throughout your K·Coe Isom career:

  • Interns enjoy one week of training, access ongoing webinars, and participate in a group project at the end of the summer internship.
  • Associates receive an additional week of training later during their first year on advanced software as well as technical and communication skills.
  • Associates and Senior Associates receive six levels (Levels 1-6) of training, ranging from three days to one week, that take place over the course of two years. Our scheduled and intentional training modules cover technical and soft skills. Topics range from accounting and auditing updates to working effectively with clients and co-workers. Read more about our training program.
  • Managers and Principals receive technical and soft skills training based on the hand-selected modules that are most appropriate and of benefit. In addition, you may apply to attend the firm’s Leadership Academy. The 15-month program, which focuses on individual, client, and firm leadership, expands thinking, engages participants, and cultivates leadership lessons.
  • We provide computer software training and ongoing webinars to keep the skills of our administrative and para-professionals sharp.


Each new employee is paired with a buddy to help them learn the ins and outs of the job. Buddies are available to take you to lunch, answer questions, and guide you to helpful resources.

Personal Growth

If you have a specific interest or passion that can add value to your job and client interactions, the firm will support training for you in those areas as well.

CPA Exam

Accountants get time off to travel to and sit for the CPA exam, mileage reimbursement, and bonuses if passing the exam within a specific timeframe.

“Level 1 training prepared me for the many software programs I work with on a daily basis. I learned the basics of each system in class, working through real-life examples of things we deal with every day. After training, my buddy and project leaders assisted with in-depth, on-the-job training.”
Sam Z., associate

“With six different training levels, it’s obvious the firm is willing to make an investment in my success. The trainers cover all learning styles and include interactive exercises so it is easy to absorb what is being taught.”
Julie M., associate