Your Most Lucrative Ag Advantage May Be Looking Right at You

Cultivating Your Workforce Pays Off

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The number one concern of the nearly 100 agribusinesses surveyed by is the competitive pull for talent and difficulties in recruiting.  Over 53 percent of those farm and ranch operations reported that employee training and development was their second biggest worry.

These statistics speak volumes for the state of agribusinesses today.  A strong workforce is a strong business – foundationally, competitively, and financially.  The importance of prospecting, developing, and motivating your employees cannot be underscored enough.

Max Irsik, a K·Coe Isom advisor for farms and ranches, provides reasons and results behind the importance for agribusinesses to regularly maintenance and evaluate their workforce as they would their farm equipment, and shape it up where it’s needed.  He incorporates the keen insight of K·Coe People’s HR consulting arm to provide advice for addressing the most pressing key talent-development concerns.

Read the full column, published in the High Plains Journal, here.

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