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Getting Personal with Business Strategy

We don’t make any major business decisions without talking to K·Coe Isom. They are a partner who has taken a vested interest in our success. I appreciate that they can strategically organize our business so that growth isn’t a challenge. Being nimble and taking advantage of the right opportunities without restructuring our entire business model is key. The relationship we have with K·Coe gives us the sounding board and financial stability we need to be ambitious, while providing valuable insight for what has or hasn’t worked for other organizations.

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Turning the Tide Back in Your Favor

We would not be farming today if not for K·Coe Isom’s efforts.

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Managing a Well-Established Business

We want to be able to measure where we’re at financially so we can manage our risk. People grow corn and say their breakeven is $3.00. But they don’t figure the farm utility bills. They don’t figure equipment cost per acre and per bushel. That’s what we want to know. K·Coe Isom brings the right team together so we get a global picture, not just of the farm, but also of the feed yard and livestock feeding. This is the financial know-how that helps us take our business to the next phase.

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Staying Productive, Profitable, and Independent

As owners, we have made strategic moves to grow the business. Each time we do, we call our business advisors and K·Coe Isom is definitely one of them. They always come up with creative legally sound ideas for keeping money in the business. And that’s what lets us stay locally-owned.

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Establishing a Farm Legacy

Our farm operation is complex with a lot of moving parts. So whether it’s tax planning or estate planning, one thing will undoubtedly impact another. The people at K·Coe Isom are true professionals that know financials in the context of ag operations. They did a great job explaining the tax consequences and options. They made it understandable so we could get group consensus.

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Making a Difference in Your World

Sometimes you have to go out on a limb. That’s the only way you’re going to make a difference, in your business, in your community and in the world. By looking at sustainability from a multi-dimensional perspective, we’ve shown that growers can mitigate their risk and use their progress for a competitive advantage.

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K·Coe Isom Announces Two New Principals

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Power from Big Data

Producers Yielding Power from Big Data

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How Working Capital Can Make or Break You

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Reading Time: 2 minutes Today’s ag environment shows commodity prices are below break-even for some operators, while barely budging the break-even level for others.  Economists have referred to this situation as “a grinder effect.” Meaning, the profitability level is grinding away at working capital little by little. Ultimately, this effect impacts the efforts needed …

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When it comes to protecting what matters most for the long term farmers and ranchers need to be an active part of the change they want to see. Here are the top five reasons why it matters right now:

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